Notary sign contracts: In Amsterdam the notary is a VIP. The purchase and sales agreement is signed at the office of a notary and also all money travels through the notaries account. I will explain you why.

Notary sign contracts: Why do you need a notary in Amsterdam?
Notary sign contracts: Why do you need a notary in Amsterdam?

Barry Burgemeester, Burgemeester Vastgoed

Transcript of the video on notary sign contracts:

Hello! My name is Barry Burgemeester, I’m a real estate agent and I help Expats find their dream home! In Dutch law property ownership process through notaries, a type of lawyer who is specialized in civil contracts. When you’ve got your mortgage we will visit the property again to check if everything is as we agreed. We also read the gas, electricity and water meters. Then we plus the seller and the agent go back to the notary to sign the “Akte Van Levering”, the deed of transfer and the mortgage papers. Dutch law states that this must be done by a notary and if you don’t speak Dutch, a translator will also be needed. Once the Akte Van Levering has been signed, you will get the keys and your dream home will be yours! Formally, this is where my job ends. Let’s see if we can team up and can get started!

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