How to buy a house in the Netherlands

The event was created to help expats with buying homes in the Netherlands. What can you expect to find at our events? All the information you need about the Dutch housing market and how to buy a home in the Netherlands. A one-stop-shop with local Dutch experts in the property market at a beautiful venue. You can talk 1-on-1 with all experts present so you can gather all the information you need in order to buy your dream house, like:

  • Buying a home in The Netherlands
  • How to get a mortgage
  • Dutch law
  • Notary services
  • Bank products
  • Construction work
  • Insurances & Risk management

and much more!

We will provide all the information you need in order to buy your dream house. Feel at home while shopping around; we will make sure to have some drinks and snacks ready for you so you’ll have nothing to worry about and be able to talk with our partners. All the experts you need to meet under one roof. Ask them questions related to your particular situation. Buy better by being better informed.

The spotlight should be on our visitors and their needs, so we made sure to create the perfect environment for that:

  • We provided a guide for each visitor on where to start with the conversation;
  • Each visitor will have access to each and every one of the experts;
  • We handpicked every expert, so we make sure are “the real deal”;
  • We work with local companies and some national ones who are able to provide the best advice;
  • We all speak English as well as other languages.

Our team is here for you during the whole event, no need to worry, we will help you out if you have any questions left you can send us an email or join our Facebook Community!

See you at the next event!

About housing in Amsterdam

Upcoming Events

We will be back in 2020 with new events!


  • 18.00 - 21.00
  • Restaurant Moer

HTBAH Utrecht

We are pleased to announce that we’re holding another housing event at the spectacular Holland Casino in Utrecht on June 11th 2019! The property market in Amsterdam and nearby cities might be overheated but let us show you how to effectively manage risks and reduce the odds so that you buy the right property, in the best location at the right price for you.

We have assembled a team of local experts who will be ready to guide you on your journey to owning your own home in the Netherlands.

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How To Buy A House is created to help expats find their home in the Netherlands. We do that through our events, where we make sure you’ll find all the information you need about the housing market and everything around it and, via our Facebook community page.

This community is here to start or continue the conversation around the hunt of your perfect house. We are here to provide you with practical information, emotional support and the opportunity to ask all your questions related to the topic.

If you need an appointment with a specific expert, email us and we’ll get it done.

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Meet our experts:


The Experts

Expat Oriented Organisation Certification

HTBAH believes that buying a property in the Netherlands as an expat is not a circus nor an improv comedy act. Buying a home is one of the most significant financial decision that people make in their life. It’s momentous and daunting in one’s own country, let alone in a foreign country! It’s even more important to get correct advice to make the right investment if you want to move to the Netherlands.

Buying a home is a big step. We understand that it is hard to find your way around. You can find a lot of information online and from expats experts. However, Are all of these companies trustable? Who is good and who is not? We started the Expat Oriented Organisation register (EOO) to help you out.

The EOO certification ensures that expats are working with organisations who are credible, provide outstanding services and understand the needs of expats.

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