Coronavirus update

*Next event delayed until June 10th*

Following the government advice and restrictions put in place over the weekend we have made the difficult decision to delay our next How To Buy A House event until June 10th. We appreciate this may be an inconvenience for some, but the health and well-being of our guests and staff must take priority during this period. In the meantime, for information about coronavirus we recommend following the current guidance here: – please stay safe throughout these challenging times!

How to buy a house in the Netherlands

How to buy a house originated from our strong belief that expats are entitled to easily accessible and honest information about buying a house in the Netherlands. Finding unbiased information on the current housing market is difficult.

The internet is undeniably powerful, and with some persistence you can find all the basic information you might need with a few internet searches, but what if you have personal questions or want to know more about, for example, why it is so difficult to buy a house in Amsterdam? Or what you can personally borrow from the bank? Or whether it is possible to prematurely terminate a lease? You might have questions about whether it is disadvantageous to purchase a house that is on leasehold. You might be curious about the various permits you might need to renovate your house. Or you might just want a candid estimate of average house prices in the Netherlands.

How can you help me?

You can ask all these questions and more at the How to buy a house event in the Netherlands!

We will provide all the information you need in order to buy your dream house. Feel at home while shopping around; we will make sure to have some drinks, snacks and even a nanny service ready for you so you’ll have nothing to worry about and be able to talk with our partners. All the experts you need to meet under one roof. Ask them questions related to your particular situation. Buy better by being better informed.

The spotlight should be on our visitors and their needs, so we made sure to create the perfect environment for that:

  • We provide a guide for each visitor to help them get started;
  • Each visitor will have access to each and every one of the experts;
  • We handpick every expert, who we make sure are “the real deal”;
  • We work with local and national companies who are all able to provide the best advice;
  • We all speak English as well as other languages.

Our team will be available to you throughout the whole event, ready to help you out. And, if you have any remaining questions, you can easily send us an email afterwards, or join our vibrant Facebook Community!

See you at the next event!

About housing in Amsterdam

Upcoming Events

Vondelkerk Amsterdam

Wednesday, June 10th2020
  • 6pm - 9pm

Vondelkerk Amsterdam

Wednesday, October 7th 2020
  • 6pm - 9pm

Free session with a real estate agent

Barry Burgemeester is a certified real estate agent with 23 years’ working experience. 18 years ago, he made the switch from a predominantly Dutch clientele to an exclusively international one. Helping expats purchase homes has remained his passion and his strength.

Barry has invited a number of friends in the housing sector to help him inform/educate you about buying a house.

Wednesday March 25th  2020
3pm – 7pm
Rhijnvis Feithstraat 3-A


Wednesday October  21th 2020
3pm – 7pm
Rhijnvis Feithstraat 3-A


Wednesday November 25th  2020
3pm – 7pm
Rhijnvis Feithstraat 3-A



  • 18.00 - 21.00
  • Restaurant Moer

How To Buy A House in the Netherlands was created to help expats find their home in the Netherlands. We do that through our events, where we make sure you’ll find all the information you need about the housing market and everything around it and, via our Facebook community page.

This community is here to start or continue the conversation around the hunt of your perfect home. We are here to provide you with practical information, emotional support and the opportunity to ask all your questions related to the topic.

If you need an appointment with a specific expert, email us and we’ll get it done.

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Expat Oriented Organisation Certification

How To Buy A House believes that buying a property in the Netherlands as an expat can be made simple. Buying a home is one of the most significant financial decisions that people make in their life. It’s momentous and daunting in one’s own country, let alone in a foreign country!

You can find a lot of information online and from expat “experts”. However, are all of these companies trustworthy? Can you rely on their advice? It’s essential that you get the correct information so you can make the right investment. So, we started the Expat Oriented Organisation register (EOO) to help you out.

The EOO certification ensures that expats are working with organisations who are credible, provide outstanding services and understand the needs of expats. Companies must meet our criteria, to ensure that they will deliver the best results for you – and will have an appreciation for your requirements.

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