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We understand that your journey to owning a home in the Greater Amsterdam Area is unique. Every step toward becoming a homeowner is important to us.

New Format for 2024

In 2024, we’re introducing small-scale sessions with two experts per event. You’ll have a dedicated hour to ask all your questions and get the answers you need.

Curated Guidance

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all advice! Join a local real estate expert along with professionals like mortgage advisors, investment experts, notaries, and representatives from leading Dutch banks. They will share their expertise and address your queries, empowering you to make informed decisions confidently.

What Our Visitors Say

Maria from Spain: “I attended one of their small-scale events, and it was a game-changer. The advice and support we received were top-notch. Thanks to HTBAH, our transition to the Netherlands was seamless.”

Priya from India: “How To Buy a House offered us exceptional guidance and support during our move. The events were insightful, and the team was always there to answer our questions. A fantastic resource for expats!”

Lars from Sweden: “Thanks to HTBAH, we navigated the Dutch real estate market with ease. The team’s dedication and the quality of their events made our home-buying journey a pleasant experience.”

Join us and experience personalized guidance for your home-buying journey in the Greater Amsterdam Area! 

Amsterdam | City On Poles

Despite fluctuations, Amsterdam's real estate market has shown resilience.

Property values have historically appreciated, making real estate investments here potentially lucrative. It's a city that appeals to a broad spectrum of individuals and families seeking a high quality of life, cultural experiences, and a strong sense of community.

It is also a city where buying a home presents challenges. Demand consistently outstrips supply, and its popularity continues to soar with each passing day. It is crucial that you know where to begin your house hunt and understand what steps you need to take to get started. This is precisely why we created this event.

Know Your Numbers | Mortgages


Getting a mortgage in the Netherlands is a structured process:

• Financial Readiness: Ensure you have savings to pay for the costs
• Consult a Mortgage Advisor: Seek professional advice
• Interest Rates: Decide between fixed and variable rates
• Legal Process: Sign mortgage deeds with a notary's assistance
• Insurance: Consider life insurance as required
• Ongoing Costs: Account for property taxes and maintenance
• Government Support: Explore potential support programs like NHG

Prepare well, and you can navigate the Dutch mortgage process smoothly.

The Notary | A VIP

In the Netherlands, a notary is required for property transactions to:

Verify legal compliance
Witness document signings
Confirm identities
Prevent fraud
Handle tax matters
Maintain official records

The notary also handles the mortgage deed, which is a legally binding document outlining the terms and conditions of the mortgage agreement. This document is signed by both the borrower and the lender and is registered with the Land Registry.

Investments | Advice

Buying a home can be seen as a place to live and an investment. Some view it as a way to build wealth through property appreciation, while others prioritize it as a comfortable residence.

Ultimately, whether buying a home is seen as an investment or simply a place to live depends on an individual's financial goals, personal circumstances, and the local real estate market conditions. It's advisable to approach homeownership with a clear understanding of one's motivations and financial expectations. It's wise to consult with an investment company before house hunting to align your goals and make informed decisions.

Real Estate Agent | Find A Good One

Hiring a certified real estate agent in Amsterdam is crucial for a variety of reasons. Firstly, Amsterdam's real estate market can be complex, with ever-changing regulations and a competitive landscape. A certified agent possesses in-depth knowledge of local laws, market trends, and pricing, ensuring you make informed decisions.

Secondly, they have an extensive network of contacts to help you secure the best deal!

Furthermore, a certified agent offers peace of mind by handling paperwork, inspections, and legalities, minimizing risks and streamlining the process. In a dynamic and competitive market like Amsterdam, having a certified real estate agent is not just beneficial—it's essential for a successful and stress-free property transaction.

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