Welcome to the inspiring world of Monique Hypotheekadvies, where finance meets transformation! Meet Monique Kamphorst, a visionary in the realm of mortgage advisory services. Beyond her impressive professional expertise, Monique’s charm and warmth make her a standout personality in the industry. Her journey, from a Bank Clerk to a distinguished Finance Expert, reflects a commitment to excellence and a passion for empowering others. In an exciting development, she has recently expanded her company’s horizons by introducing new loan options for businesses in collaboration with 2 other companies.

Join us in this article to learn about Monique’s amazing story. We’ll take a closer look at the important moments that shaped her career and how she’s making a big difference in the lives of individuals and families.

Could you share a bit about yourself and what led you into the world of finance, particularly your journey in mortgage advice and financial coaching?

I’m a multitasking mom, sister, daughter, and entrepreneur, intrigued by people. Cooking, eating, and the occasional sport keep me going.

My journey in finance began in ’83 as a bank clerk. Climbing from the first female bank manager to a private wealth manager, I’ve spent 12 years self-employed in mortgage advice and financial coaching. Mortgages to me are about life and emotion—where living meets finance. Crafting advice that truly fits my client’s needs, considering everything from their mortgage to future scenarios like disability or retirement, is my passion. It’s not just about interest rates; it’s about securing your life. Every time I give sound advice or number-crunch with a client, it’s a genuine thrill. It’s where my creativity thrives, piecing together the best deals.

Additionally, how has your transition from ’t Gooi to Amsterdam shaped your approach to serving clients in the financial realm?

Shifting from ’t Gooi to Amsterdam in 2017 brought a change in clientele—now mostly young compared to me! Yet, the shift brings excitement, especially working with expats and navigating unique issues like ground lease, prevalent in this vibrant city. Amsterdam’s been a great move, adding a new dimension to my work!

Let’s dive into it! What’s the process for calculating the maximum mortgage in the Netherlands, particularly for expatriates?

The calculation of mortgages remains consistent for both expatriates and native-born individuals in the Netherlands. The maximum mortgage primarily hinges on income, and existing debts, and additionally considers interest rate maturity, the property’s energy label, and its value. This calculation has grown intricate, surpassing the scope of online tools. However, for expatriates, certain lenders may incorporate the 30% ruling as an added benefit, potentially resulting in a slightly higher maximum mortgage.

Are expatriates generally eligible for mortgages in the Netherlands, and are there specific criteria they need to meet?

Yes. Importantly, in basic terms, one must live and work in the Netherlands.

Do applicants need a stable job to secure a mortgage, especially expatriates or newcomers?

If you have a temporary job and your employer gives you a letter saying they intend to keep you, that income can be used for calculations.

Is there a pre-approval process for mortgages in the Netherlands before starting the house-hunting process?

No, the lender makes the final decision. They have all the documents needed to decide. To make a secure offer, a financial adviser and a real estate agent must work together early on. This helps assess everything and avoid risks before making an offer.

How is the borrowing capacity determined for a mortgage, particularly for expatriates or those with unique employment situations?

The calculation is usually the same for everyone. But if there are special situations that don’t fit the usual way, as a financial adviser, I can check if a lender might make exceptions. It’s personalised and there’s no standard answer due to various factors. If you think this might apply to you, let’s talk in an initial free meeting. I can give you a good idea of what to expect.

What documents are typically needed when applying for a mortgage in the Netherlands?

Normally, you’ll need a copy of your passport, residence permit, employer’s statement, salary slip, and bank statements. Also, you’ll require a purchase contract and property valuation report. For business income, the lender might need the company’s yearly accounts and the entrepreneur’s tax returns from the last 3 years.The lender can ask for more papers if things aren’t clear. I suggest gathering as many documents as you can early on to speed up the mortgage process. I’ll assist in collecting them too.

Can you explain what the 30% ruling is and how it affects expatriates or highly skilled migrants in the Netherlands?

The 30% rule applies to non-Dutch employees working temporarily in the Netherlands. If they meet its conditions, they won’t be taxed on up to 30% of their wages. This method allows the government to reimburse them for the additional expenses they face to work in the Netherlands.

Have any recent changes in the 30% ruling impacted individuals benefiting from this tax advantage?

Foreign employees are exempt from taxes on up to 30% of their earnings, provided they meet certain criteria. Starting from January 1, 2019, this 30% rule is limited to 5 years. Nevertheless, a transitional arrangement was in place until 2021.

The 30% rule for employees with specific expertise recruited from abroad will be further scaled down from 1 January 2024 if the Senate also agrees to the bill.

If I want to rent out my home, does that impact my mortgage contract, and are there specific considerations or exemptions?

It’s important to ask the lender first. Mortgages differ based on whether it’s for a rental property or your home, with different rules and rates.

If I want to buy a second home, can I utilise the same mortgage and increase the amount, or are there different terms for multiple properties under one mortgage?

When you move homes and live in a new place, you can usually transfer the interest terms from the old house. The old house will typically need refinancing, often becoming a rental mortgage because you can only live in one house at a time.

Can I use my existing mortgage to purchase a home for my children?

If your home holds significant additional value and your lender permits, you can increase your mortgage. Contact a financial adviser to assess if this aligns with your best interests. Naturally, your income should comfortably cover the expanded mortgage amount.

In the event of a divorce, how does this affect the existing mortgage?

Divorce doesn’t make anyone wealthier; it means supporting two households instead of one. It’s important to see if one person can handle the mortgage and buy out the other if the house has extra value. Get help from a financial adviser early on for this. Working with a divorce mediator and financial adviser can be really helpful in this situation.

Are there any specific insurance policies required by the mortgage lender, and what types of insurance might be necessary?

The majority of lenders don’t mandate disability or death insurance. However, insuring the home is crucial because it serves as security for the lender.

Could you detail the range of services you offer as a mortgage advisor? What specific assistance or guidance can clients expect throughout the mortgage process when working with you?

I offer a free first meeting to discuss your mortgage. If you choose to work with me, I’ll guide you through the entire process until you own your new home.

You’ll only deal with me, and I’m available whenever you need me, even on weekends or evenings. I’ll help with paperwork, find the best deals, and ensure everything is in place. My fee is €2,250 for your first property and €2,595 for subsequent ones. Afterwards, I’ll check in with you yearly to make sure everything’s going smoothly, at no extra cost.

For those eager to explore personalized financial solutions or discuss their homeownership goals, Monique welcomes appointments.  To schedule an appointment, reach out to Monique at info@moniquehypotheekadvies.nl