It can be really tricky to figure out the Amsterdam property market sometimes. Buying a home is no mean feat, and in the Netherlands, there’s a whole host of new rules you’ve got to get used to!

Well, help is here – we’re offering an exclusive opportunity to have a one-to-one session with Barry Burgemeester. With a career as a certified real estate agent spanning 23 years, Barry has truly seen it all.

Join us on Wednesday, November 3rd for a one-hour private consultation during which you can ask Barry every question possible. You can bring one other person to this event with your ticket during your allocated time.

Tickets are available here

Please note that places are very limited, so when we’re sold out – we’re sold out!

€25 deposit | We have decided to charge a €25 deposit for this event. This is to limit the number of people who cancel at the last minute, which can have a negative financial impact on us. Please note that we will issue refunds to those who cancel more than 7 days before the event. We will also return the €25 deposit to you once you have attended. Questions? Please ask via

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