Why it is critical to attend a housing event.

My husband Barry and I own a real estate office in Amsterdam. We focus exclusively on two things: buying houses for internationals and commercial real estate.

We have been doing this for 17 years. Our approach focuses on property acquisition for internationals in the most effective and efficient way possible. Furthermore, we work very hard for our customers to ensure two things: Their satisfaction and that they don’t get screwed

During the past 17 years, we learned that the needs of expatriates are rather different from the needs of the Dutch when it comes to buying a house. One would think that the differences are not that big; after all, buying a house is the same no matter the nationality.

However, the reality on the ground is much different. Internationals are interested in living in different parts of the city, they do not speak the language, cannot read deeds and documents, are not familiar with owners’ associations, land lease (erfpacht) just to name a few.

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During the years, we have built a strong and loyal customer base and we just love working with internationals. All of them are dear to us and some even become close friends.

We have a special place in our heart for our customers. Besides the relationships we build with our clients, we have also created a network of trusted and reputable companies to work with; companies that focus on expats and can support them when it comes to buying a house in the Netherlands. I am talking about impeccable companies such as Expat Mortgages, Bakker, Trustan, and Kasper, just to name a few.

The problem we see today is that socio-economic factors have led to a sharp increase in expatriates settling in the Netherlands and this has triggered the creation of a wave of companies ill-equipped to serve this clientele. I and my husband have invested a tremendous amount of time and effort to find the “diamonds in the rough”. This ensures that we can cover all the issues which can arise with property acquisition. We focus strongly on bringing you the best service and information in the most transparent and detailed way possible. This is to ensure that you are served in the most comprehensive fashion.

Furthermore, we have concluded that expats do struggle to get all the information they need because they have to talk with and reach out to so many different players. Often times some of these players cannot serve their needs and may not provide all the information. Thus, we decided to help the international community and have created the How to Buy a House events, one shop stop to get all the facts and data regarding the buying process.

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In May 2017 we asked some of the companies we know are focusing on expats to join forces with us and organize our first event, where every step of the buying a house process was covered by an expert. This is to ensure that expats can come and have all the information they need in one go. Nine events later, we keep on doing the same.

The spotlight should be on our visitors and their needs, so we made sure to create the perfect environment for that:

  • We provided a guide for each visitor on where to start with the conversation
  • Each visitor will have access to each and every one of the experts
  • We handpicked every expert, so we make sure are “the real deal”
  • We work with local companies and some national ones who are able to provide the best advice.
  • We all speak English as well as other languages
  • Our team is here for you during the whole event, no need to worry, we will help you out

In all our events you can have your 1-on-1 with: a real estate agent, a mortgage advisor, a bank, a notary and a builder. Next to them, for each event, we have some other experts to spice up the ambience. For example, for our next event in Amsterdam, we have invited a great law firm to help you out with all legal questions you might have, a tax advisor and last but not least a personal concierge to help you out whenever needed.

If you looking for a house we invite you to check out our  2020 calendar!

See you soon!