What is short stay?

Short stay is the rental of non-subsidised housing (with a rent above €710.68) for periods from seven nights to six months.

Short stay renting is popular among people who come to a city to work on a temporary basis or for those who are here for conferences or even for tourists who prefer to stay in a more residential enviroment as a hotel. Overnight accommodation shorter than seven nights is only allowed in a hotel or bed & breakfast.

The Netherlands can be considered an upcoming market when it comes to this short stay housing. The short stay market is growing rapidly and the number of multinationals in the region (Utrecht, Amersfoort, Hilversum) is increasing, while a strong preference for Utrecht becomes more and more visible under the users of these concepts. It could even be stated that Utrecht is not only very popular due to all the activities and developments in the region, but also because of the fact that international organizations that have their Dutch quarters outside  the region mentioned above,  in for example Amsterdam, The Hague or Rotterdam, choose Utrecht as the location to house their employees more often as well.

When it comes to employees of multinationals in the extended stay segment, also known as corporate housing , it can be said that one can roughly divide them into two types of guests. One the one hand guests that arrive on a temporary assignment fort heir company and those that temporarily visit their home country. On the other hand there are a lot of guests that receive short stay accomodation from their employer, since they need to have a steady home-basis at their disposal from where the can start work immedialtely after their arrival, and from where they can start looking for a long term housing option due to the fact that they will stay for a period of a year or longer. A hotelaccomondation is normaly not enough.

The apartments for corporate housing needs to be fully furnished, decorated with high end furniture and have to be fully equiped with all kitchen appliances, hairdryers, washing machine, dryer etc. Furthermore information on the apartments needs to be present and the apartments needs to be located in a very accessible and convenient location.  Apart from the fact that only bringing their luggage should suffice for the guests to have a comfortable stay, it is vital that the properties are located near public transport facilities (most guests depend on this way of transportation, though parking space increases the lettability) and that they are located in vibrant areas.

Research points out that expats that arrive in very quiet surroundings without the possibility of interaction with other internationals, will often not settle which is why contracts could end early and a return to their home country could be the outcome.

The division between corporate housing and vacation rentals is becoming  increasingly clear and that is why companies such as VGW Short Stay proudly presents you its apartments in the best locations in Utrecht’s historical city centre. Whether you’re here for a long visit of your relatives, or travelling to the Netherlands on business, these guys can inform you about all possibilities and will keep you save from croocked companies.