Welcome to Rotterdam!

The municipality of Rotterdam covers a total surface area of 325.79 kilometres squared (125.79 square miles). The population density is reaching toward 3,043 residents per kilometre square (7,880 people living per square mile). Approximately 642 000 people live in this vibrant city on the South Side of The Netherlands.

Recent figures from Statistics Netherlands show that in 2018 around 2212 new expats were registered in the municipal basic administration. The Rotterdam Expat Center is therefore happy to welcome new expats to Rotterdam in 2019. The growth of newly registered expats is caused by an increase of new international companies in Rotterdam, mainly the IT sector.

Rotterdam has many welcoming streets, shops, super cosy restaurants and cafes. All of these social facilities are easy to reach by public transport. Rotterdam has plenty of flora aswell. Rotterdam accommodates 2 large green parks, Kralingse plas and the Vroesenpark. During the summer, many food truck festivals and music festivals are organised. You could even just go to the park and have a picnic!

Danielle Witmont, founder of DW Housing and real estate agent in Rotterdam; “We are pretty direct people, we like to tackle things, and we don’t get around it, you immediately know where you stand, of course in a friendly manner. Feel free to step into a cosy café and someone will probably start a spontaneous conversation with you!” As we all know, the Dutch can be very direct, do not get scared; we are here to have a good time!

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So if you decide to live in this vibrant city, it is up to you to choose between renting or buying a property.

Rent a property!

As many expats have chosen to come and live in this city in recent years, 
there is a good selection of furnished homes for rent.

As many expats have chosen to come and live in this city in recent years, there is a good selection of furnished homes for rent. The prices for a 1-bedroom apartment of approximately 50 m2 will be around € 1250, excluding utilities per month. We have beautiful “full service” residential towers on the water that also can be rented unfurnished if you bring your own furniture. Danielle’s office can help you find the rental you are looking for.

Buy a property!

If you feel comfortable in the city for a while, you could choose to buy a property, which saves you a lot of money on the monthly housing costs, because the interest on a mortgage loan is low at the moment. However, finding a 2-bedroom home under € 300.000,- has become a challenge. Proper purchasing guidance could help you. Team up with a great real estate agent such as Danielle Witmont, she knows the market in and out and can guide you to buy the perfect property for you. Learn all about the proces of bidding, get good advice on how much you can borrow and get started!

The City’s Districts map

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A last advice from a real Rotterdammer: “Learn Dutch, learn being Dutch and learn that Rotterdam is the world.” That’s quite direct 😉