Why do you need a notary in Amsterdam?

Why you need a notary in Amsterdam

In this article, we will explain the need of a notary in Amsterdam. Realizing your dreams of owning your own home is satisfying, but the purchase of buying a house is an important decision in life, but becoming the owner is not that simple.

In Amsterdam, it is customary for the notary to draw up the purchase agreement after which it is signed by both parties at the notary’s office. Subsequently, the notary takes care of the implementation of the stipulated agreements as laid down in the agreement. The notary records this in a deed of delivery.

Only after signing the deed at the notary’s office and registering the deed in the public registers of the Land Registry, you are the owner of the new house! If you take out a loan for the purchase, a mortgage deed will usually also be required.

The mortgage deed gives the lender (usually a bank) the certainty that you meet all your contractual obligations. A mortgage deed is often required when you already own a house but want to borrow extra money. The mortgage deed will also be registered in the public registers of the Land Registry after it has been signed at the notary’s office.

In most cases, the buyer determines which notary is involved in the transfer. Whether or not a broker is involved in the transfer, you can always contact the notary directly for advice or consultation about other matters such as family law.

NOTE: all the money involved in a housing transaction travels via the escrow account of the notary, no third parties are involved.

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