Questions about Proper housing for foreign employees

Employing workers from abroad. Questions and answers about Proper housing for foreign employees.

If you want to recruit abroad, you have to meet certain conditions. For example, you must have recruited in the Netherlands and within the European Economic Area first. If you subsequently want to hire an employee from outside the EEA, a work permit is often required. The Netherlands has to types of permits: the “TeWerkstellingsVergunning” (TWV; Employment Permit; a work permit for the employee from outside the EEA who comes to work in the Netherlands for less than three months) and the “Gecombineerde Vergunning voor Verblijf en Arbeid” (GVVA; Combined Permit for Residence and Work; a work permit for the employee from outside the EEA who comes to work in the Netherlands for more than three months). The employer can file an application for an Employment Permit with the Uitvoeringsinstituut WerknemersVerzekeringen (UWV; Employee Insurance Agency). An application for a Combined Permit for Residence  and Work has to be filed with the Immigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst (IND; Immigration and Naturalisation Service). Both permits are valid for one year.

Being the employer of a foreign worker (either from inside or outside the EEA) you have to provide for clean and safe accommodation. The Stichting Normering Flexwonen (SNF) has set standards for the quality of housing and can offer help in finding suitable accommodation.

When concluding an employment contract with a foreign employee, the employee’s customary rights must be observed, such as minimum wage, holiday allowance, statutory number of holidays and requirements with regard to working conditions. The foreign employee who lives and works in the Netherlands will also have to pay social security contributions and payroll tax as the main rule in the Netherlands. It is advisable to translate the employment contract into a language that the foreign worker masters in case he or she does is not (sufficiently) proficient in the Dutch language.

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Written by Marielle Groen, owner of Advocura (lawyers)