Your offer on a house is accepted by the seller! Great news! Still, make sure you sign the sale and purchase agreement as soon as possible to be sure you are the buyer. Let me tell you what to do.

Transcript offer on a house:

Hello my name is Barry Burgemeester I’m a real estate agent and I specialize in helping experts find the dream home once your offer of a house has been
accepted you have to sign a contract so you your agent the seller and their agent will meet at the notary’s office to sign the contract the purchase and
sale agreement the notary is a type of lawyer and the contract gives you three days to change your money the contract also includes a clause saying the
transaction is subject to financing that gives you a period of time to arrange your mortgage this is usually four weeks it might sound like a long time but there’s a lot of paperwork to go through once all that is done you go to the notary again and sign a final deal it might sound complicated but I can help you go through it all very smoothly feel free to get in touch!

Offer on a house: Real estate agency Burgemeester Vastgoed
Offer on a house: Real estate agency Burgemeester Vastgoed

About Barry Burgemeester, – Certified member of Expat Oriented Organisation Certification

Barry Burgemeester is a certified real estate agent with 23 years’ working experience. 18 years ago, he made the switch from a predominantly Dutch clientele to an exclusively international one. Helping expats purchase homes has remained his passion and his strength.

Barry has invited a number of friends in the housing sector to help him inform/educate you about buying a house.