Buying a Property In Amsterdam or Utrecht

I’m often surprised by the insistence of expats who want to buy property in Amsterdam because they work there. Especially when a beautiful city that is every bit as good as Amsterdam (in my humble opinion) but offers much better value for money is only 27 minutes away from Amsterdam Central Station. Utrecht. In this post, I’ll explain why buying a property in Utrecht might be a better choice for you.

Why buying a property in Utrecht could be right for you

Firstly, take a seat before reading this. There’s life outside of Amsterdam. Shocking as that might be it’s actually true. The quality of life in Utrecht is on par with that of Amsterdam. Some might say that with the lack of mass tourism that it is even better than in Amsterdam.


If you’re in love with the canals and pretty houses on either side of them that one sees in Amsterdam, then you’ll love Utrecht. It also has canals that are every bit as picturesque as those in Amsterdam. The added benefit is that you won’t see drunken tourists peeing in them.

buying a house in utrecht
A canal in Utrecht at night

Bike Lanes

Utrecht also has bike lanes throughout the city, so you can still get the feeling of being in Amsterdam by simultaneously¬†smoking a cigarette, watching Netflix and brushing your hair while screaming “KIJK UIT IDIOOT” at any pedestrian that dares to step onto a zebra crossing.

Restaurants and Bars

When I recommend Utrecht to expats a common response I often receive is. “But, I live in the Pijp, I like eating out and going to bars”. Utrecht has a huge selection of cafes, bars and restaurants. Not only that, I guarantee that they’re every bit as mediocre as the ones you’ll find in Amsterdam. So that’s no reason for you not to move. ūüėČ

The Best Reason To Move To Utrecht is…

Value for money.

Here are some figures on the average property prices in Amsterdam and Utrecht from January 2019

average house prices Amsterdam


Average House Prices Utrecht

As you can see the average property price in Utrecht is 3,492 euros vs. 5.631 in Amsterdam. Regardless of what people might tell you, it’s still considerably cheaper to buy in Utrecht than in Amsterdam.

Here are some comparisons of what’s available to buy in Amsterdam vs. Utrecht for different budgets.

200 to 300k

If you ask an Amsterdam makelaar to find you a property costing less than 300k the inner part of the city, once they’ve stopped laughing they’ll probably show you the door. It is possible to buy properties in Amsterdam at that price, but as with good men, they’re really hard to find.

Amsterdam apartment 275k

Here’s a link to an apartment on the Dutch real estate site Funda. It’s in the hipster capital of Amsterdam, the Pijp and costs 275k for 32 square meters (m2).

Utrecht 269k

For 269,000 euros you can buy an 87m2¬† 2 bedroom house that’s only 10 minutes away from Utrecht Central Station by bike.

500 to 600k

Amsterdam 550k

If you wish to live in the centre of Amsterdam (god knows why you would) then here’s an apartment in the Kalverstraat for 550k. For that price, you’ll get a 71 m2 apartment with two bedrooms in the middle of a shopping street that’s busier than a Dutch firework shop in December.

Utrecht 500k

For 500k only 10 minutes away from Utrecht Central Station you can buy a three storey house with 7 rooms, 133 m² and a garden.

Things to consider when buying a home in Amsterdam or Utrecht

If you’re a happy single, then living in Amsterdam might be suitable for you. However, if you’re planning to start a family or already have one, you can get much better value for money in Utrecht while not being too far from Amsterdam. A train from Utrecht Central to Bijlmer Arena only takes 18 minutes. Buying a small apartment in Amsterdam for the wrong reasons could be just like the picture below.


buying a home in Utrecht
Buying in Amsterdam for the wrong reasons is like…


For more information on buying a home in Utrecht, we are holding a How To Buy A House Seminar at the Holland Casino in Utrecht on June 11th. There’ll be local experts present who will be able to answer everything you need to know about buying a home in Utrecht. Click here to register for the event.