How the event works

We will provide all the information you need in order to buy your dream house. Feel at home while shopping around; we will make sure to have some drinks, snacks and even a nanny service ready for you so you’ll have nothing to worry about and be able to talk with our partners. All the experts you need to meet under one roof. Ask them questions related to your particular situation. Buy better by being better informed.

The spotlight should be on our visitors and their needs, so we made sure to create the perfect environment for that:

  • We provide a guide for each visitor to help them get started;
  • Each visitor will have access to each and every one of the experts;
  • We handpick every expert, who we make sure are “the real deal”;
  • We work with local and national companies who are all able to provide the best advice;
  • We all speak English as well as other languages.
  • Our team will be available to you throughout the whole event, ready to help you out.
  • If you have any remaining questions, you can easily send us an email, or join our vibrant Facebook Community!

See you at the next event in 2023!

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Come and see us for a chat, you’ll be under no obligation. We can match you with trustworthy services that we have partnered with to suit your needs.

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