Questions about Rabobank and their expat desk?

Rabobank is a socially-responsible bank. Rabobank feels a strong connection with her customers and members and consequently also with the future of the Netherlands. “We prosper when our customers prosper”.
They can distinguish themselves as a cooperative bank by making a targeted contribution to meeting the challenges the Netherlands will face in the years ahead.

Arranging all your financial needs in a new country can be overwhelming and stressful. A new environment, a new culture and
different habits. In order to help expatriates in the Netherlands with their specific questions and needs the Rabobank has set up an expatriate service, the Rabobank Expat Desk.

The Expat Services include:

  • Your own personal account manager
  • Approachable, English speaking staff
  • Rapid application process
  • Business hours from 08.30 till 19.30
  • One-stop shop for all your financial matters
  • A welcome package for all new expat clients

Specialized staff are on hand to make the transition to the monetary system in the Netherlands smooth and efficient. The Rabobank Expatriate Service is offered in Den Haag and Rijswijk.