Question about the event? Ask Monique Burgemeester, event planner at How to Buy a House.

Good reasons to attend our event…

At our how-to-buy-a-house events we make sure you’ll find all the information you need in a small-scale setting at a beautiful location, such as the Amsterdam Vondel Church. You’ll know exactly what to expect and which experts will be available to help you out.

We bring in only the best experts for the job. For instance, a real estate agent who knows the market very well and has proven to have done a great job helping expats in the past – not only last year, but for many years in a row. We always bring in the #1 company to finance your home abroad. They’ve helped thousands of international clients over the last decade and will keep you safe. At our event you will also find a well known, no-nonsense Amsterdam notary who you can ask everything you want to know.

If you need more time, we can arrange for our expert to call you after the event and make a appointment on a day that’s convenient for you.

We’ve made sure you’ll have nothing to worry about and even offer a free nanny service, so you can walk around while your kids have a great time. At our wine bar we serve a good glass of wine and other drinks, accompanied by bites & snacks; everything is on us of course!

Why don’t you talk to a good interior designer and learn about colouring and styling? Or watch a short, but very clear movie about housing and everything that comes with it. You can also talk to a builder and … that’s it! We like to keep it small and special. Don’t hesitate and register at our website. Use the special button and we’ll keep you posted. We hope to see you soon!