How to buy a house in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Haarlem or The Hague?

At our how-to-buy-a-house events, we make sure you’ll find all the information you need about housing and all that comes to it. Talk 1-on-1 with all our expat experts and get your information.

We only bring in the best expat experts for the job. For instance, a real estate agent who knows the market very well. We always bring in the #1 company to finance your home abroad. They’ve helped thousands of international clients over the last decade and will keep you safe. Do you have any questions about banking? You are at the right spot! Talk to a well-known notary and find out all about deeds and documents. We also bring in a legal advisor who can tell you all about Dutch law. If you are lucky to find a house that needs work, no worries, our builder will tell you what to expect.

We’ve made sure you’ll have nothing to worry about and even offer a free nanny service, so you can walk around while your kids have a great time. Drinks are on us, of course!

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Upcoming Events

The Hague

Sunday May 27th 2018
  • 2 – 5 p.m.
  • COMM Museum
  • Zeestraat 82
  • The Hague


Sunday June 24th 2018
  • 2 – 5 p.m.
  • Vondelkerk
  • Vondelstraat 120
  • Amsterdam



In order to help expatriates in the Netherlands with their specific questions and needs the Rabobank has set up the Expatriate Service. Be welcome to contact us.

The #1 company in financing your home abroad.
We’ll make you feel at home!


We’ve already helped hundreds of expats find a home in past years, and we’d love to help you too. We’ll tell you what to expect and be with you from the first to the last step.

Bakker Bouwbedrijf B.V. is a construction company that is very well known in and
around Amsterdam. For over 35 years, we have carried out all kinds of construction projects including remodelling and renovation works for both business and private customers.

Our office has a lot of experience in transferring the ownership of a property to expats, including a purchase-agreement, mortgages and all other deeds in relation to family-law.

Of course all communication will be in English.

The Hague

If your planned stay in the Netherlands is for a couple of years or longer, purchasing of a house or apartment can be very attractive. BW Housing can arrange for the purchase. Due to our personal approach we will get a good picture of your specific requirements and needs.

Buren is an international oriented corporate law firm consisting of lawyers, civil-law-notaries and tax lawyers that are recognized experts in their fields. We offer all services required to realize your strategy and assisting you in combatting -or even preventing- legal challenges.

Trustand Bouw is a modern, flexible and transparent construction company for medium and large renovations. Artisan craftsmen and owning our own carpentry factory mean that we are independent and can deliver old-fashioned craftsmanship.

Dutchtaxadvice focuses on helping non-Dutch speaking individuals and entrepreneurs with their Dutch taxes.


Location Event The Hague

COMM Museum
Zeestraat 82
2518 AD The Hague

The Netherlands


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Location Event Amsterdam

Vondelstraat 120

1054 GS Amsterdam

The Netherlands


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Rent a house

If it is not possible to buy a house and you want to look into other options, maybe we can help you out and find you a reliable rental agent.

First: figure out how much you can afford. Take a look at your monthly income. Experts recommend only spending between 25%-35% of your after-tax income on rent and housing.
The liberalization threshold (the limit that determines whether a home is in the social or free sector) is just like previous years at € 710.68 euros. Keep in mind that some apartments have income requirements that will put you out of the running altogether.
If you can afford to rent a house above this amount you might be able to hire a free sector house.

Second: figure out where you want to live. Remember that finding a rentel in Amsterdam is more difficult than other cities. You might want to consider cities as Hoofddorp or Haarlem as well.

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